“Lithospheric Rupture in the Gulf of
California — Salton Trough Region”

Ensenada, Mexico, January 9–13, 2006

MARGINS-RCL Workshop: “Lithospheric Rupture in the Gulf of California – Salton Trough Region”
Ensenada (Mexico), January 9–13, 2006

Convened by: Rebecca Dorsey (Univ. of Oregon, USA), Raul Castro (CICESE, Mexico), John Fletcher (CICESE, Mexico), and Daniel Lizarralde (WHOI, USA)

A MARGINS-sponsored workshop on “Lithospheric Rupture in the Gulf of California – Salton Trough Region” will be held January 9-13, 2006, in Ensenada, Mexico. The workshop will focus on recent research on lithospheric extension, crustal deformation, seafloor spreading, magmatism, basin formation, and upper-mantle processes that have operated through time to shape this active oblique-rift system. Insights from theoretical modeling and studies of other rifted margins will provide additional perspective. Emphasis will be placed on integration of data from diverse disciplines including structural geology, geophysics, geochemistry, petrology, volcanology, stratigraphy, and paleontology. The main goals of the workshop are to: (1) summarize the current status of geophysical and geological research in the Gulf of California — Salton Trough focus site ; (2) synthesize observations, results and related theoretical models in a focused setting that promotes open exchange and development of ideas; and (3) use this information to identify gaps in knowledge and suggest possible directions for future research.

The workshop will include two days of oral presentations and posters, a two-day field trip to view Plio-Pleistocene low-angle normal faults in the Laguna Salada area, and a final day for overview, synthesis, and summary of workshop outcomes. Speakers will be asked to represent their respective research groups in overview talks that emphasize the integration and synthesis of diverse data sets. Presentations and results will be disseminated via an active web site to be maintained by the MARGINS office. A volume of related papers, edited by the conveners, will be published as part of the “MARGINS Theoretical and Experimental Earth Science Series.”

Participants will arrive Sunday, January 8, 2006, for an evening reception and poster session. The workshop will run through Friday afternoon, January 13, 2006. Interested researchers from all countries should submit an application by August 15, 2005. The application should include a brief statement of interest, a short resume, and a one-page abstract of work relevant to the meeting goals, which will be included in the meeting documents. Post-docs and senior graduate students are encouraged to apply. To ensure coherent discussions among all participants, spaces will be limited. The workshop organizers, with the concurrence of the MARGINS Steering Committee, will make the final selection of participants who will be notified by Sept. 15, 2005. Funding from NSF is expected to cover a significant fraction of travel and accommodation costs for U.S. participants. Questions or comments may be directed to the MARGINS Office (margins@nsf-margins.org).

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