“Lithospheric Rupture in the Gulf of
California — Salton Trough Region”

Ensenada, Mexico, January 9–13, 2006

Workshop Presentations

Keynote Presentations
Monday, January 9
Thursday, January 12

Keynote Presentations

Working Group
Monday, January 9 Return to top
D. Forsyth
Blackman, Castro, Clayton, Clayton, Gaherty, Jones
Mantle Structure and Small-scale Convection: Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico [ppt, 15.8MB]
R. Castro
Clayton, Di Luccio, Obrebski, Valenzuela, Zhang

Upper Mantle of the GoC Region: Results from the NARS-Baja Array [ppt, 15.1MB]

J. Fletcher
Axen, Gans, Grove, Janecke, Oskin, Stock
Ridge-Trench Interactions and the Neogene Tectonic Evolution of the Baja California Microplate: Insights From Detrital Zircon U-Pb Ages From the Magdalena Fan and Adjacent Areas; Relative magnitudes of seafloor spreading and continental rifting across the Gulf of California: An example of orogen-scale strain compatibility [ppt, 41MB]
J. Stock
Axen, Fletcher, Gans, Grove, Janecke, Oskin
Regional Kinematics and Microplate Capture – N. Gulf of California and Salton Sea [ppt, 25.8MB]
R. Clayton
Forsyth, Gonzalez, Jones, Rebollar, Romo
Lithospheric Structure of the Gulf of California – Salton Trough Region,
NARS-Baja Array [ppt, 11MB]
D. Lizarralde
Frez, Gonzalez, Harding, Savage, Umhoefer
Crustal structure across conjugate margins, Gulf of California [ppt, 27.3MB]
S. Wdowinski
Jacques, Lohman, Outerbridge, Rockwell, Schmalzle, Vetel
Regional Geodesy [ppt, 27.9MB]
C. Rebollar
Contreras, Frez, McGuire, Seitz, Speltz, Williams
Analysis of the Seismic Activity in the Gulf of California with Data from NARS-BAJA and RESBAN Arrays [ppt, 35.8MB]
G. Axen Black, Housen, Janecke, Spelz, Steckler, Stock Low-Angle Normal Faults in the Northern Gulf: Summary and Implications for Fault Mechanics and Strain Partitioning [ppt, 31.1MB]
P. Umhoefer Aragon, Eakins, Lonsdale, Steckler, Sutherland Structural record (N to S) along the western side of the Gulf: results and significance [ppt, 15.4MB]
S. Janecke none

Basins and faults of the Salton Trough: Opportunities for insight [ppt, 62.3MB]

J. Fletcher none Introduction to Laguna Salada Field Trip [ppt, 143.9MB]


Thursday, January 12 Return to top
L. Ferrari Barth, Castillo, Glazner, Hulen, Schmitt, Vidal Regional magmatism, composition, processes and lithosphere deformation: a view from the eastern side of the Gulf [pdf, 6.1MB]
P. Gans Henry, MacMillan, Martin, Roldan, Stock, Wong Magmatic-tectonic interactions in the Gulf extensional province: Insights from the Sonoran margin [ppt, 37MB]
K. McDougall Busby, Carreno, Dorsey, Martin, Oskin Marine Incursions: Implications for crustal thinning and regional strain [ppt, 9.3MB]
M. Aragon Martin, Sutherland, Umhoefer Tectono stratigraphic record of crustal extension in the Gulf of California [ppt, 34.1MB]
D. Blackman Collins, Forsyth, Gaherty, Huismans Constraining Upper Mantle Flow Using Seismic Anisotropy & Geodynamic Modeling [ppt, 6.3MB]
R. Huismans Bialas, Blackman, Buck, Hopper, Huerta, Maslov Effect of Lithospheric Stratification on Extensional Styles and Rift Basin Geometry,
Ritske Huismans, and working group [pdf, 2.8MB]
G. Karner Holbrook, Hopper, Martinez, Tucholke Structural and depositional style of syn-rift passive margin systems [ppt, 53.4MB]
G. Abers Coakley, Karner, Kent Other Tectonic Rifts: the Woodlark-D'Entrecasteaux Rift, Papua New Guinea [ppt, 7MB]

Pop-Up Presentations Return to top

C. Jones
Upper Mantle Structure [ppt, 4.3MB]
M. Oskin
Regional Kinematics and Microplate Capture [ppt, 472KB]
M. Steckler
Crustal and Lithospheric Structure [ppt, 1.7MB]
S. Wdowinski
Present-day motion: Geodesy and Seismicity [ppt, 596KB]
G. Axen
Fualt Mechanics and Strain Partitioning [ppt, 772KB]
A. Glazner
Magmatism in the G.E.P. [ppt, 404KB]
R. Dorsey
Sedimentary Record, Micropaleo, Basins [ppt, 1.2MB]
R. Huismans
Models of Lithospheric/Upper-mantle Deformation [ppt, 668KB]

Posters Return to top

M. Aragon Rift-to-Drift Transition in the Gulf of California [pdf, 8.7MB]
A. Barth
Volcanism along the eastern margin of the Salton Trough: Constraints on the kinematics of initiation of the southern San Andreas transform fault system [pdf, 828KB]
N. Black Gravity Modeling and Crustal Structure of Northeastern Baja California and Western Sonora [pdf, 7.5MB]
R. Clayton Broad-Scale Velocity Model for the Gulf of California [pdf, 2.2MB]
F. Di Luccio Broad-Scale Velocity Model for the Gulf of California [pdf, 2.2MB]
R. Dorsey
Chronology of Late Miocene to Early Pliocene Sedimentation at Split Mt. Gorge, Western Salton Trough: Implications for Development of the Pacific-North America Plate Boundary [pdf, 5.3MB]
J. Gaherty Sea of Cortez Ocean-Bottom Array (SCOOBA) Seismic Experiment [pdf, 1.2MB]
A. Glazner
How close is the link between plate tectonics and magmatism in western North America? [pdf, 6.4MB]
Z. Gvirtzman
Tertiary sedimentary basin offshore central Israel and its tectonic significance for the early stages of Arabia-Africa breakup [pdf, 2.7MB]
C. Henry
The Walker Lane and Gulf of California: Related Expressions of Pacific-North American Plate Boundary Development [pdf, 2.3MB]
J. Hopper The SCREECH Survey [pdf, 4.4MB]
B. Housen
Magnetostratigraphy and Rotation of Pleistocene-Miocene Sedimentary Rocks in the Western Salton Trough, CA. [pdf, 1.1MB]
A. Huerta Crustal Heat Production and Rift Dynamics [pdf, 4.8MB]
C. Jacques
Local Siesmicity Recorded by the Network RESNES at the Southern Basin and Range Province in Sonora, Mexico [pdf, 16.3MB]
C. Jones Quaternary Rift-Flank Uplift of the Peninsular Ranges in Baja and Southern California by Removal of Mantle Lithosphere [pdf, 4.6MB]
K. Outerbridge
Current Vertical Crustal Movements in Northern Baja California, Mexico [pdf, 500KB]
C. Plattner
Implication of the Baja California (Mexico)/ Pacific coupling on the Western hemisphere plate kinematics [pdf, 2.3MB]
A. Schmitt New constraints on the origin of rhyolitic magmatism within the Salton Trough: evidence for episodic remobilization of hydrothermally altered intrusives [pdf, 4.1MB]
C. Shirvell Constraints on Evolution of the West Salton Detachment System (WSDS), Salton Trough, From (U-Th)/He Thermochronology [ppt, 8.1MB]
J. Stock The 12.5 Ma Tuff of San Felipe: a major structural marker horizon in northwestern Mexico [pdf, 2.5MB]
F. Sutherland Crustal Structure and Basin Analysis Across the Southern Gulf of California [pdf, 9.7MB]
B. Tucholke Rifting and Breakup Between Newfoundland and Iberia [pdf, 20.3MB]
R. Valenzuela Upper Mantle Shear Wave Anisotropy Under Stations Around the Southern Gulf of California [pdf, 428KB]
W. Vetel Recent/Active Tectonics in the Gulf of California Extensional Province [pdf, 3.4MB]
X. Zhang The upper mantle beneath Gulf of California - a surface wave study [pdf, 4.2MB]

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