“Lithospheric Rupture in the Gulf of
California — Salton Trough Region”

Ensenada, Mexico, January 9–13, 2006

RCL-Cortez Workshop Information

This five-day workshop will bring together a wide range of earth scientists to discuss recent research on lithospheric extension, crustal deformation, seafloor spreading, magmatism, basin formation, and upper-mantle processes that have operated through time to shape the active Gulf of California/Salton Trough oblique-rift system. The workshop will feature invited talks on Days 1 and 4, coupled with extensive poster and discussion sessions. John Fletcher and Gary Axen will lead a 2-day field trip to view evidence for Neogene low-angle normal faults in the Laguna Salada area on Days 2 and 3. Day 5 will start with a series of 5-minute “pop-up” presentations, followed by discussions to identify existing needs and potential directions for future research in the Gulf-Trough region. Emphasis will be on progress to date, existing knowledge gaps, and possible strategies for achieving future research goals.

The thematic oral sessions of Days 1 and 4 will each consist of two invited talks followed by a discussion led by the session chairs. We are asking invited speakers to present a talk that may be somewhat broader than the abstract they submitted. In particular we are asking that they contact people in their “working group” of 4 to 6 other participants who also submitted abstracts related to the theme of the session, so that their ideas, insights, and key results can be represented in the talks. We will encourage all of the attendees, including speakers, to present posters based on their abstracts, thus providing an on-site reference for detailed content supporting the points made in your talk. With the two oral presentations as a framework, each session will end with an extended discussion led by the session chairs.   During these discussions, session chairs will compile lists of unanswered research questions and knowledge gaps that will form the basis for discussions on Day 5.

Please plan to arrive in Ensenada the afternoon of Sunday January 8 (MARGINS will periodically run shuttles from the airport to Ensenada, click here for the provisional schedule). There will be an Introduction to the Workshop at 5:00 p.m. Sunday, to be followed by an opening reception and dinner. Departure from Ensenada will be the evening of Friday, 13 January, 2006, or the morning of Saturday, 14 January.

Please note that all particpants will pay a $30 workshop fee upon registration.

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